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The Musikverein Riehen is a wind band with a broad spectrum: across generations we gather to cultivate a broad musical range.

Wind bands have a firm tradition in Swiss community life. Our association had been founded more than 150 years ago and takes actively part in the village life.

Membership is open to all, also to you! We are open to associate everyone who likes playing music and enjoys spending time with like-minded colleagues. Let language not be hurdle: our rehearsals are in high German and we can translate where needed. Many of our members speak foreign languages; this holds particularly true for our youth band as a number of students playing there study English at school. Joining the Musikverein opens the door to integrate with locals and sharing in the community life.

We promote musical education and have access to qualified wind instrument teachers. All ages are accepted. Our youth band offers the opportunity to young musicians to learn playing in a group and to become exposed to a variety of musical styles.

Our rehearsal day is Monday and rehearsals are held at the Haus der Vereine in Riehen, easily accessible by the tramline number 6.

Questions? Interested? Please contact us.