A bit of history

In the year 1861 seven men assembled to form a dance music performing at various events. This first formation featured five brass instruments and 2 clarinets. The group had grown to 12 musicians by the year 1864.
Playing at weddings, celebrations and other festivities was a lucrative past time in this early period as numerous sources reveal.
Shortly before its tenth birthday, the musical association commissioned its first conductor in 1870. Shortly thereafter, the formation changed into a brass band. Only in the second half of the twentieth century the group muted back into a harmony music setup with wood wind instruments.
Bylaws are documented for the first time in the year 1893. It is presumed that they were preceded by hand-written statutes. Since these times, numerous revisions and new versions reflect historic and social changes over the time of the association’s existence.
In the year 2011, the Musikverein Riehen celebrated its 150-year jubilee with numerous events and festivities.
The history of the Jugendmusik Riehen starts in the year 2000 when a collaboration between the music school ‘ton in ton’ and the Musikverein initiated the formation of a youth ensemble composed of students learning wind instruments. This ensemble became in 2001 the young wind instrument band ‘Jugendmusik Riehen’. Already in the following year the Jugendmusik Riehen performed for the first time in an annual concert.
For over 10 years by now the Jugendmusik Riehen offers the possibility for young instrument students to experience playing in a group. It has become an important institution for musical education and development for all musicians training their musical talents.